Short Term Disability A Must Have For Entrepreneurs

short term disability

As Entrepreneurs and business owners, we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into our passion to make it our reality. We sacrifice time with our family and friends just to make sure that the project we are working gets completed, the website content gets published, or the right ingredients are put together to make that dish stand out. We wake up earlier and go to bed later than most people just to make sure we are ahead of the game. No matter if you’re making a ton of money now or will be in the future. Your business needs 100% of your time and energy. In some right, being an Entrepreneur and business owner might make us seem like a super hero to some. The niche that we bring to our respective industries could be missing and we are filling that void for our consumer’s needs.

Being looked at as a super hero or a life saver we still must acknowledge our reality, that we are all humans. We all get sick, injured and things happen in our lives day to day that we will need a plan for. When I say plan, I am talking about something set in place to make sure that our businesses keep thriving while we are not there. Short Term Disability insurance is a must have for anyone who owns a business. Short Term Disability is a type of insurance that pay a percentage of what you make to you if you become temporarily disabled, and you are not able to work for a period of time. This can be due to you becoming sick or injured.

Another type of Short-Term Disability coverage is Business Overhead Expense. This type of coverage pays for usual business operating expenses that are accepted as tax deductible while you are totally disabled. This type of coverage can pay up to 70% of the income you would be missing since you’re not working. Here are a few of the business expenses that are covered:
-Lease or mortgage payments
-Employee’s salaries, wages and benefits
-Business Insurance
-Interest payments on debts
-Property and payroll taxes

Owning a business, you have a lot of responsibilities that cannot be overlooked. Here at we understand that you have a lot on your plate and we would like to help. Our local trusted agents are ready to help you protect your income and business.

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