Short Term Disability A Must Have For Entrepreneurs


As Entrepreneurs and business owners, we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into our passion to make it our reality. We sacrifice time with our family and friends just to make sure that the project we are working gets completed, the website content gets published, or the right ingredients are put together to make that dish stand out. We wake up earlier and go to bed later than most people just to make sure we are ahead of the game. No matter if you’re making a ton of money now or will be in the future. Your business needs 100% of your time and energy. In some right, being an Entrepreneur and business owner might make us seem like a super hero to some. The niche that we bring to our respective industries could be missing and we are filling that void for our consumer’s needs.

Being looked at as a super hero or a life saver we still must acknowledge our reality, that we are all humans. We all get sick, injured and things happen in our lives day to day that we will need a plan for. When I say plan, I am talking about something set in place to make sure that our businesses keep thriving while we are not there. Short Term Disability insurance is a must have for anyone who owns a business. Short Term Disability is a type of insurance that pay a percentage of what you make to you if you become temporarily disabled, and you are not able to work for a period of time. This can be due to you becoming sick or injured.

Another type of Short-Term Disability coverage is Business Overhead Expense. This type of coverage pays for usual business operating expenses that are accepted as tax deductible while you are totally disabled. This type of coverage can pay up to 70% of the income you would be missing since you’re not working. Here are a few of the business expenses that are covered:
-Lease or mortgage payments
-Employee’s salaries, wages and benefits
-Business Insurance
-Interest payments on debts
-Property and payroll taxes

Owning a business, you have a lot of responsibilities that cannot be overlooked. Here at we understand that you have a lot on your plate and we would like to help. Our local trusted agents are ready to help you protect your income and business.

Affordable Insurance and how consumers can take control

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No matter what type of insurance it is, we tend to think that it cost too much to have. Life, Health, Auto, Home, you name it, we think it’s to expense and we don’t think that it’s needed. I truly think that it is a huge misconception when it comes to affording any type of insurance. The purpose of having insurance is to have it in place just in case its needed. There are tons of affordable insurance options out there for everyone. No matter your circumstances you can get coverage.

Being educated on and understanding your options when it comes to affordable insurance is extremely important. What if I were to tell you there is a way for you to gain knowledge and control at the same time? The knowledge you would gain would be the break-down of each type of insurance coverage option for you to completely understand. The control would be being able to decide how much you pay per month and that amount be completely honored. Understanding what you are signing up for, and actually being comfortable paying for it is totally worthwhile in the long run.

When you think about it, any and everything needs to have insurance coverage. In May of 2018 there were 15.5% of the American population that do not have insurance coverage. That number has jumped up from 12.7% from a year ago. This is just health insurance, now imagine what that percentage is for Life, Home, Car, Renters, and Disability insurance. This all comes down to us thinking that insurance in general is too much to afford.

This is where can help. We pride ourselves on educating our consumers on each insurance type and making their monthly budget our top priority. Don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself.

Life Insurance For Children, And The benefits That come with it.

As parents, making sure our kids have everything they need to grow, thrive and succeed is often the fuel we need to get up every day and go to work. Making sure they have the social skills, education and structure to pursue they’re dreams are responsibilities as parents we should all take very seriously. Our children are truly OUR future. From pre-school all the way through 12th grade we cheer them on and guide them in the right direction, so we can have our “proud parent moment” of seeing them walk across that graduation stage! Throughout this period, a lot of us know that we would like to pay for, or assist with the enormous cost paying for college, but a lot us don’t have a plan at all. Maybe you’ve been saving money all along or considered taking out loans or dipping into your retirement funds to help out. Either way, plan or no plan, it’s never too late to invest in your child’s future.

What if I told you there is way to have financial coverage on your child’s life and also be able to help pay for their college tuition at the same time? Life insurance for children is a way for us parents to be able to have coverage on our children’s lives financially (god forbid anything were to happen to them), as well as pay for their college tuition. Child life insurance is one of the easiest and budget friendly life insurance policies on the market. There are two types of coverage that can be placed on your children. Here is a breakdown of both types, and the benefits of each policy.

The normal growing up coverage

You can apply for this type of coverage for your child from ages 14 days until they are 14 years old.

Coverage starts at $10,000 – $50,000.

Coverage doubles automatically on the policy.

This type of coverage builds cash value over time.

This type of account is a great way to set up your child’s future

College plan policy

You can apply for this type of coverage for your child from ages 14 days until they are 18 years old.

Coverage starts at $10,000 – $150,000.

Payments are fixed and affordable

The growth of this type of policy will never lose it value.

There is flexibility when it comes to the use of the policy money

No matter what age your child is at this moment is it never to late to start planning for their future. At there are trusted local agents that will be happy to help you set up a plan for your child’s future.

Health Insurance for College Students, how important it is for you and your family.

If you are just now starting or you have already been attending college it is a completely new chapter in your life. You may be living on campus, or still at your parents house, but you’re now spreading your wings and starting to look at life just a little bit differently. Getting a better understanding of how the world works and things around you may seem a little more clear. Having fun with your friends and enjoying your life is important to you, but responsibilities that you may have not had while in high school will now be more present. Like paying for your own food, putting gas in your car, and paying your cell phone bill. All of these things may be new to you, but one thing that may be new to you as well is health insurance for college students.

While growing up, your parents have always had you on their health insurance coverage. Most of you reading this may still be. But if you are not, health insurance for college students is very important. Having health insurance coverage can save you and your family a lot of money in the long run. If you become sick or get injured while at school having this type of coverage will prevent you from paying thousands of dollars in doctor or hospital fees. Most colleges offer student health plans that are simple and affordable and it’s a way for you to have basic insurance coverage.

There are also some health care providers that offer affordable health insurance coverage for college students. While shopping for affordable coverage you will want to think about a few things.

How much can I afford per month?
Do I just need basic coverage?
Do I just need doctor visits coverage?
Do I need hospital only coverage?
Should I get both coverages just to be on the safe side?

Thinking about this type of coverage can be a bit confusing and that’s where U Decide It can help you out. At we have trusted local agents that will be happy to go over the different types of coverages and help you get the best plan for your budget and needs.