Looking For The Best Renters Insurance, Is It Really That Important?


Renters insurance is something that can be completely overlooked and maybe thought that it’s not needed. Renting a house, apartment, condo or renting any type of living quarters is a must for a lot of people nowadays. While you’re renting you buy things and add things to your place over time to make it a home. Spending your hard-earned money on those things means a lot to you. With all that being said do you have anything in place to protect your belongings? Looking for the best renters insurance or cheap renters insurance is something that you may want to think about. Some of us may think, why do I need to add on another bill or its just stuff I can replace it. A lot of us may not truly understand how renter’s insurance works and how it can help us.

Here are a few things that renters insurance covers:

  • Personal Property- Covers things like clothes, furniture, and electronics up to your coverage limit.
  • Personal Liability- Covers if you are legally responsible for someone getting injured or property damage if someone slips into your home because of a wet floor and sues you.
  • Medical payments- Coverage for medical expenses if a guest at your home gets hurt in an accident.
  • Additional Living Expenses- Coverage for temporary living expenses if the place you are renting is damaged and is unlivable.

Renters insurance provides liability insurance and your (the renter/tenant’s) personal property is covered against things such as fire, theft, and vandalism. It will also pay expenses when the place you’re renting becomes unlivable. Now, this type of insurance will reimburse you the same amount no matter if your personal property is stolen from inside your apartment or while sitting on a table at a coffee shop. Depending on the type of policy you get that will determine if you receive the actual cash value of what your property is worth, or just the cost to replace it.

Every day we have someone moving on their own or getting their first place to rent. Things happen that we cannot foresee. Preparing yourself for the unknown is extremely important. At udecideit.com there is an agent waiting to make sure that all your hard work and prized possessions are covered and insured.

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