How U Decide It Works To Find You The Right Affordable Insurance Policy

U Decide It we understand that buying insurance policies can be a daunting and confusing process. Our goal is to give you the consumer the power. Tell us what you need and what you want to pay and we will match you with a local insurance agent who can help find you a policy right for you.

What consumers shopping for insurance can expect

  1. The site allows you to pick the type of insurance you’re looking for
  2. Make educated decisions with information provided for multiple types of insurance plans
  3. Quickly enter their insurance budget all the required information to get the most accurate insurance quote available
  4. You set the date and time for the insurance agent to call you with your personal quote!
  5. Prior to receiving any contact from the agent, an email with the agent name, phone number, email address, and credentials will be sent to your inbox.
  6. Consumer will get an email 2 days after scheduled time of call to give feedback on process and rate the agent.

What can insurance agents expect when helping consumers

  1. The agent creates an account with U Decide It
  2. The agent has to answer a few questions and picks the state that they are licensed in
  3. The agent then picks the category(s) of insurance they would like to cover.
  4. The agent then picks the zip codes that they would like to cover in the insurance category that they picked.
  5. Agent then buys their zip codes (pay their monthly subscription)
    1. Agents will not share leads
    2. Agents will only share the zip codes
    3. Insurance Leads will be rotated between the two agent that buy/subscribe to that zip code
  6. Once the purchase is made it will take 24-48 hours before the agent is associated with their chosen zip codes.
  7. Once registered the agent will receive an email with a snapshot of all the consumer’s quote information as well as the time and date that the consumer would like to be contacted.

At U Decide It we are excited to help bridge the gap between consumers and agents. Giving the consumer’s the power to find the right insurance policies for them, and getting them in touch with qualified agents that can meet all of their insurance needs.